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A friend of mine recently decided to leave conventional churches behind and begin her own worship at home, with her children. She described her first liturgy as being such a wonderful, fulfilling experience, and it got me thinking about the differences of institutions versus private gatherings, in particular with regards to religion and homeschooling. And that got me thinking about cults.

Now, of course, I don’t think my friend is about to start a cult. Here’s where I should probably go through my thought process in greater detail!

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How do I pray when #ICantBreathe?: Theology in the Shadow of Mike Brown and Eric Garner

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chokeThe events of the last few weeks have left me emotionally raw. In rapid succession (a span of a just a few months) three grand juries (Ohio, Missouri, and New York) have returned “no true bills” on three police-involved killings of unarmed Black men. The merits and details of each case can be debated by those far more qualified to debate the idiosyncrasies of jurisprudence than I, but what I can do is feel.

It seems to me that in the past few months, the American criminal injustice system  has proven incapable of applying the law equally to all American citizens, with citizens of color too often receiving the short end of the legal stick. Furthermore, it appears to me that too often the country is too busy, or too privileged, to care.

Too often the Church has also proven too busy, or too privileged, to care. Like the…

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